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About accounting software companies

Accounting software can be a crucial part of any type of business as it provides a means to keeping detailed summaries, reports and analysis on hand and close by as it processes the many accounting transactions through its many financial modules (i.e. accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger) which are included in most accounting software companies brands. Here we sort through many of the different accounting software options available for most businesses.
In addition to the module tasks and more, the more basic items are most always included utilizing balance sheets, profit and loss reports and any changes in the accounts which must be recognized and recorded.
There are several different types of accounting software packages provided by accounting software companies including low-ended market (single entry products), mid-market which are beneficial for adapting to many different types of accounting standards, higher end market (i.e. ERP software) which are much usually much more complex and higher priced, as well as small business and personal accounting software which is considered as more inexpensive and used for performing simpler tasks such as budgeting for home users and such.

There are several items to consider when selecting the right accounting software package from the many accounting software companies including the price, the quality, what the customer support is like, all of the different modules, even a possible cost of upgrade. As accounting software becomes much more detailed and specialized the pricing goes up, so it may be a good idea to start simpler and work your way up if there are upgrade discounts available from the accounting software companies.

Our recommended accounting software companies:

For small business and personal accounting software companies include the very popular ePeachtree by Sage software, Peachtree Complete Accounting, MYOB Plus, QuickBooks and Small Business Manager by Microsoft.

Our recommended lower-end accounting software companies include MAS 90 & MAS 200, BusinessVision 32, Vision Point 2000, QuickBooks Pro, and ACCPAC Pro.

The recommended mid-market accounting software companies include Great Plains MAS 90 & 200, ACCPAC Advantage Corporate Edition, SYSPRO, Navision, and SouthWare Excellence.

For higher end and ERP accounting software companies we recommend eBusiness Suite, Axapta, MAS 500, ACCPAC Advantage Enterprise Edition, and Solomon.

The factors considered in evaluating these accounting software companies include other customer reviews available in addition to our own research involving how able the different applications are to handle many complex tasks in addition to the many features and benefits of these recommended brands and accounting software companies. There are indeed many more options to discover, however, our recommendations would be a good place to start overall. There is more information listed available throughout and we recommend visiting some of the featured accounting software companies in order to discover more of the benefits each accounting software package can provide for you and your individual business needs.

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