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Accounting forms an integral part of any business. Accounting encompasses the financial aspect of any business. The role of the accounting software is to record and then process the transactions of the business using its modules. The accounting software is capable of coming up with vital documents such as the balance sheet, income and loss statement, trial balance and ledgers. The ability of the accounting software program is largely determined by the financial modules that are fitted in it. Good examples include general accounting ledgers that handle the usual transactions that take place. The accounts payable and receivable are also very important modules in the accounting software program.

The home users can utilize the small business or personal accounting software programs. These kinds of programs are affordable and perform simple accounting functions. Affordable software programs can be purchased for the small kind of businesses and are mainly referred to as the single entry products. Corporate organizations with bigger business can buy the mid market software programs which can serve the requirements of more than one accounting standards and deal with two or more currencies. The Enterprise Resource Planning accounting software programs are the most costly in the market today. Some of the common accounting software programs include; QuickBooks Online, Small Business Manager, MYOB software, EPeachtree, Vision Point 2000, ACCPAC Advantage Series, Business Vision 32a and SYSPRO among many others.

It is necessary and sufficient to keep certain factors in mind before rushing out to make the purchase of an accounting software program. First and foremost, determine the organizational needs, consider the features you require and then look at the cost and determine whether you can afford it or not. The accounting software programs have changed the face of the business world. People have been able to manage financial related issues in the business better and more efficiently as compared to the past.

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