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ACCPAC Simply Accounting

The ACCPAC Simply Accounting is software that was designed by Sage and is ideal for small businesses. This software is full-featured and is used for entry level accounting. It is easy to use, takes a very short time to set up and is very useful when it comes to managing payroll functions for your business. It was designed to cater for those fast growing businesses that want to take care of their accounting needs using simple software that works pretty well. It does not matter whether your business deals with services or products since the software caters for all of them. The ACCPAC Simply Accounting automates all the processes including the purchases and sales. Despite being simple, it can still cater for a payroll that is demanding in terms of the requirements.

Who can use these products?
If you have your own business, the software will provide you with a management feature that will show you all the events that are pending like the payments that are due and the purchase orders that need to be made.

Accountants who are in charge of a small business will be able to keep track of the checks that have been generated by the company. This is made possible by the feature that shows how many times checks have been printed and the person that printed the check. The writing of reports will become very easy since they can be produced in HTML formats.

This software will work well for caf├ęs, restaurants, bookshops and grocery shops.

Versions of the product
There are various versions of the ACCPAC Simply Accounting Software that are available including Sage Step 2009, Sage Pro 2009 and Sage Premium 2009.

Other companies that also offer accounting software include Microsoft, Epicor, NetSuite and Intacct.

The unique point about the product
The simple set up that gives great functionality makes the ACCPAC Simply Accounting very unique.

Author: W. Jacobsen, Accounting Software Reviews

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