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AccuFund is a great accounting software platform especially for not-for-profit organizations.

AccuFund provides financial management programs specifically designed to work for the non-profit and government sector. AccuFund is a spin off company of 20 Pines Resources. As an industry leader Accufund accounting software provides add-on components that can be integrated with other software products.

AccuFund holds a head office locating in Needham, MA and also has an office in Littleton, CO. The Needham office hosts the sales, support and clerical staff. The Littleton facility serves as the development hub and engineering laboratory for AccuFund.

AccuFund has two principal officers Peter J. Stam – President and Gordon Holfelder - Vice President both individuals have a substantial amount of experience in the accounting software industries, specifically with government and non-profit entities. AccuFund, Inc. was began their accounting software distribution practices in 2001.

Organizations that depend heavily on the accounting practices focused in the non profit sectors as well as government agencies surely need an up to date product that follows procedures correctly.

Accounting suite, the AccuFund stand-alone product, and AccuFund hosted are the primary product solutions offered by AccuFund.

AccuFund suite is designed to be utilized in the nonprofit organizations and government agencies sectors. AccuFund provides a seamless solution via Windows products with the functionality capability that manages complex GASB and FASB reporting requirements of government organizations and non profit entities. The AccuFund's stand alone product began as an add-on to other accounting platforms. The third solution the AccuFund Hosted provides users the functionality of AccuFund without having to install and maintain an accounting system at the same location. With The AF Hosted AccuFund solution focuses on accounting while the AccuFund staff provides the technology services to client users.

GiftWorks by, SAGE MIP Fund Accounting by Sage Software, Logos Accounting by Logos Management Software, and Infor FMS SunSystems by Infor all hold competitive edges within their own respects as software solutions providers for the non profit accounting sector of business. The companies have relatively known brand within the software solutions sector.

The AccuFund solution provides key industry insight to financial accounting methods within the Non profit and government organizations sectors.

Author: W. Jacobsen, Accounting Software Reviews

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