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The Church In The Computer Age And The Growing Need For Accurate Church Accounting Software.

Each week the collection plate is passed in churches across the nation in order to support the activities of the congregation. In the history of the churches of the past, the collection and dispensing of church funds was a simple function. A modern house of worship finds that recording collected funds to be more complex. The accounting complexities is simplified with the use of church accounting software. What operations are performed by the accounting software of today's church? The church staff of the modern church will often consisted of more than the traditional pastor position. A full time staff can consist of one or more assistant pastors, secretaries and custodians. A church accounting program must record the earnings of each staff member. The items which are withheld of each staffer such as retirement, insurance and taxes must be entered.

It is essential that the data be correctly entered and calculated since it is reported to governmental agencies. The modern church budget may contain many line items. These items can range from utilities that operate the church to the amount that is spent on literature used in the services. The church accounting software enables the pastor and church leaders to see how much has been spent in each line item for the current year and what is available for the remainder of the fiscal year. A year end review of the accounts will allow church leaders to prepare a better budget the next year. A church will from time to time have one or special project ongoing and separate from the general operation of worshiping body. Members of a congregation can earmark donations to that project specifically. The church's accounting software can generate reports showing the progress being made toward the project's goal.

As a nonprofit organization, contributions made to the church can be deducted from the tax refund of the donating party. It for that reason that church accounting program be used to record and accurately report to the members their total donations for the year. The program can supply a paper hard copy of the contributions report for the congregant's records. Donations have been the backbone of the financial well being of a church. The modern church has more need for accurate accountability than those of earlier years. While the calculations can still be done by a human being with a calculator and pencil, the task is easier accomplished by using a church accounting software. The software required can be purchased to meet the particular needs and complexities of each church. The church is not immune d from the need to move into the computer age.

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