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Duplicate Payment Finder by FISCAL Technologies Accounting Software

Overpayment errors are one type of issue that can occur in the A/P department of your company. It is an easily avoidable error if you use a duplicate payment program with your accounting software. Duplicate Payment Finder by FISCAL Technologies accounting software is designed specifically to seek out multiple payments.

FISCAL Technologies was established in 2002 and has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. They have established themselves as suppliers of high quality accounts payable software that specializes in detecting duplicate payments, fraud, duplicate vendors or even A/P forensics.

Duplicate Payment Finder by FISCAL Technologies accounting software offers the most complete duplicate finding technology available. This program will not just look for payment issues at six different levels. It will run daily, monthly or even cross year examinations of your account payables files. It will flag duplicate payments, unauthorized renewals, misallocated payments, multiple supplier entries as well as unusual transactions that do not fit the company purchasing pattern, possible fraud from inside or outside the company and can even detect typographical errors.

The program is easily installed and works with all major accounting programs. Employees can be trained and running the program within an hour. The program can be used daily, weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your company.

Duplicate Payment Finder by FISCAL Technologies accounting software pays for itself. With the ability to catch payment problems and prevent the recovery costs associated with these transactions you will find your company will have increased cash flow and profitability.

There are other programs that offer duplicate payment finding abilities but they are not created specifically for that task. Duplicate Payment Finder by FISCAL Technologies accounting software was created for the specific task of finding duplicate payouts. With this in mind the purchaser of the software can feel secure knowing it will do the task performed and increase the company’s bottom line.

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