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GnuCash Accounting Software

What is GnuCash? GnuCash is a free downloadable accounting software program that is geared toward the individual as well as the small business owner. GnuCash is an ongoing project that is run entirely by volunteers. GnuCash began programming in 1997 and its first stable program was released in 1998.

One of the the latest versions, 2.3.2, was released July 6, 2009 and is currently in the testing stage. GnuCash has admitted to finding a few problems withthis newer version but is sure once it is tested and all the data is feedback to them they will be able to produce a final stable version soon. GnuCash will operate with Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Solaris and BSD operating programs. GnuCash has been designed to be easy to use and very flexible. The program will allow you to track accounts, schedule payments, produce invoices, track accounts receivable and payable as well as track customers, vendors and jobs. Based on a double entry accounting set up the program is easy to use and practical. GnuCash is continually upgrading its program with its goal set for a 2.4 version to be out soon. With a worldwide community of programmers and users helping to create a better product, the GnuCash accounting program is an opportunity for individuals and small businesses to get there finances in order for free.

GnuCash depends on testers and developers to grow. They have found that a combination of these two can and does work out any bugs there might be in the program. They encourage people to try their software and in return contact them about any issues they may have.

Interaction between programmer and consumer has moved this project forward for many years and will continue to do so to create a better product. GnuCash can and will be a valuable asset to your accounting issues, and is definitely the right price.

Author: K. Kirkland, Accounting Software Reviews

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