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Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money is a software product designed to cover all your personal financial needs.The creators of Money, Microsoft Corporation, is one of the most respectable software companies in the world. They have over 69 Billion dollars in assets, and their reputation depends on rock-solid products. Anything they create will be made with the greatest care and stability, but that counts doubly so for their line of Accounting software.

The way it works: Microsoft Money automatically accesses your bank accounts and keeps track of all your income and expenses. Complete accounting with Microsoft Money is what you recieve. To activate this feature, some bank accounts may charge a small monthly fee. Check with your bank to see if they will allow third party software to monitor your account. Microsoft Money will keep track of every transaction in real-time, and makes it remarkably easy for you to make accurate financial decisions. When tax time comes around, you won't have to dig up any old receipts!

Microsoft is leading the Operating System market with their widely used Windows software. Their Microsoft Money is also coming into its own. They are constantly coming out with cutting edge products, and security is their number one concern when dealing with your financial information.

Other products you may want to look at to compare Microsoft Money is Quicken, and PeachTree. Quicken and Peachtree are usually more expensive, and have features that aren't necessary for a personal account. Quicken and Peachtree are usually used in the Business market for keeping track of customer invoices and maintaining inventories.

One of the neat features of Microsoft Money is its ability to track all financial data live. This is important for keeping yourself up to date and properly informed. A nice side effect of Microsoft Money accessing your bank account for you is that you won't need to ever manually enter your receipts.

Author: R. Miller, Accounting Software Reviewer

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